As somebody who can drink only two cups of coffee a day and before 2pm in order to get to sleep, I buy freeze packed from Amazon, sometime illy sometimes other, good enough for me.


often relates to low volumes produced and the bundling of the crop together by wholesalers - probably a Kenyon middle man - shipping from lots of small producers all over, into Kenya and labelling as Kenyan Cofee



Don’t think I have tried that one, how is it? Unusual bag, no? I usually get them in a red one.


The red bag is the postal one you normally get.
The subs ones tend to come in the brown zip lock bags with a red plastic postal sleeve.

You won’t have tried many SSSS ones as they are limited runs and leftovers from test batches or cup of excellence remnants.


Ah, I see, are they generally available?


No faff squeezy coffee… Takes the misery out of making a brew. :wink:


She wouldn’t approve though…


Where is the misery in brewing coffee? I don’t understand. :grinning:




So, this week after experimenting with my mate’s Kalita, I bought the 1-2 cup version (155, the larger 3-4 cup version is the 185).

I realised that you can’t fit a single cup recipe into the 185 satisfactorily because the size and shape is wrong. Nothing I made was undrinkable, it was just difficult to really nail it. The last few days, I have been using this recipe in the 155: After a few cups I have the grind dialled in and I’m getting near consistency. Pouring 220grms of water as close to 1:45 mins is the key! It’s imo, much better than aeropress. It seems to produce more vivid flavour and is cleaner tasting. It is also less cloudy. It’ll not be long before I am sifting the grind… :joy:


This isn’t coffee. This is poncing to the nth. :dizzy_face::sob::weary::exploding_head:


It’s all very well but unless the whole procedure is done while immersed in the soothing balm of Schumann waves it’s a waste of effort really.

Add flow restrictor to kettle
Heat water to 205 °F (96 °C)
Grind 17-18g coffee medium fine (Mikaela did 6.3 on a Mahlkonig EK43. I had my best results between 12-14 on my Baratza Encore)
Sift out the fines
Place a white paper filter into a Kalita Wave 155 and rinse it throughly
Be sure to pour out any excess water
Place 15g ground and sifted coffee in the Kalita and shake brewer to level the coffee
Start a timer and spiral pour 30g water in 10 seconds
At 0:30 slow continuous spiral pour with pacing to reach 250g total water at 1:45
At 2:35 remove brewer

Feck off!


Isn’t “drip” just poncey filter coffee? :roll_eyes:


I love the way you answer your own rhetorical question with your very next post :rofl:




That is just perception.


Yes :blush:


Is one of these fangled machines coming to Lopwell?


I’d bring mine if it wasn’t plumbed in…:neutral_face: