Can do, and a variety of coffees :+1:


Don’t mind me, have been in the pub most of the afternoon :pensive:


The Full Flavor of coffee can not be appreciated unless you are properly earthed. Lab-Yah’s grounding shoes offer great comfort and sophistication whilst allowing direct connection with Gaia to ensure your coffees Dicaffeoylquinic Acid and Acetylmethylcarbinol make you gurn with delight.


the pointy tips act as antennae which heighten reception of the semen rays. You need insulation




Whilst ‘syrups’ are often used to mask inferior Coffee Lab-yah’s Elixir Pour home delicately amplifies flavor and enhances spiritual masturbation to enlightenment level XXI

The Cost for grounding shoes and Elixir is mortgageable - We offer quite unreasonable rates of repayment


I presume you offer the personal touch of the team of hired thugs should the mortgage holder accidentally fall into arrears having succumbed to bliss as a result of the combined effects of elixir and grounding shoes?


“We don’t get even, we get out of order”


Marvelous. You just don’t see service of such high quality too regularly these days.




the original snake oil



Running out of coffee :anguished: Sorry that doesn’t compute…

…my third espresso this morning :crazy_face:


Would love a proper machine like a Speziale or that Sage now. Ironically it’s far more likely to be vetoed than the next level of horn madness :couple_with_heart_woman_man:


I did notice some of the Sage machines being heavily discounted in the run up to xmas, and was tempted myself. Hopefully the same will happen later this year.


A La Spaziale was on our shopping list, and in all truth probably remains so. But I had a chance to play with the top model sage in John Lewis a few weeks ago, and I am seriously impressed, the build quality is easily as good as a La Spaziale, but for a home user for anything other than espresso it is way easier to operate.


Wife prefers horn to coffee shocker :smile:


I have a Gaggia lever type espresso machine, which is very difficult to make a great coffee with. I have had it nearly fifteen years, is very well used but in that time my standards have gone up. I will start pissing about with it again shortly because I now have 2 grinders and I can set my Porlex to a definitive size for it and then not touch it. One day I’ll get a really good one but cant afford at pres. I’d like the single group LaMarzocco but it is 3 grand!


Rather than “either the horns go or I go” you get “only one of ridiculous horns or absurd coffee machine”. The wife of win!


Meanwhile, the Kalita Wave feeds the coffee OCD quite nicely :grinning: