Yes, the promise of truly astral coffee is always just out of reach. :grinning:


That looks like Gold Blend in there :grinning:


It gave more bubbling. Made the film more interesting to watch. :+1:

Look carefully, it’s actually Gold Blend cut with Space Dust.


The Dirty Peculator vol 1


Just discovered a small rust spot forming on my 1 cup cafetière so I need to acquire a replacement. The current model is a cheap shitty one that’s annoying to use; any recommendations for non-shitty ones?


Do you grind Jon? :grinning:


Not at present…


Get an Aeropress. It’s better coffee than cafetiere and doesn’t have bits in.


^^This, but you should get a burr grinder to get the best out of it.



Should I keep my coffee beans in the fridge?




Air tight container in the freezer he says… I am getting through quite a bit at the moment and it doesn’t have time to get stale!


Mine lasts about 2 weeks before having the audacity to run out. I might bung it in the fridge; I already keep it in airtight Tupperware.


Forget the fridge
Freezer if long term and sealed.

Fridge is not worth it and liable to get damp and react to fluctuations as you remove it repeatedly.

As above, airtight in something intert. Grinding to order matters as surface area and going stale are inextricably linked!



we roast once a week, overlapping by 1 or 2 days for degassing. We keep the roasted beans in the grinder. Over a week they show no sign of staleness


Prolly both - But you won’t give a shit because you will be bullet proof


Be like Queen Lateefah and Ed Sheeran -Stick with the winners!


Bulletproof cofffee…meh