This so annoys me. Even many so-called flat whites are almost all milk - if a place does a cortado, you can guarantee this. It makes having a coffee in a new place bizarrely stressful.


I think the British public would shit themselves if they were handed a milk-based drink in the proper ratio from a coffee chain.

It would probably be out of business in 3 months.


I love it when places give you a flat white in a cup that takes about 400ml


Some beans arrived today




Dry roasted peanuts?


Anyone tried deep frying the beans yet. Seems like an opportunity.


I’m still pretty much in thrall to the Kalita Wave. Recently I discovered this recipe: whilst looking for one that used around 25 grms. It seems to brew a more complex cup with the majority of coffees and really accentuates the brightness/acidity without losing any sweetness. It really suits a Columbian, washed of Department’s that I have got into recently.
Yesterday at work we deliberated over how it could be extrapolated to larger amounts, tried a brew of forty grams with ratios of water/time etcetera the same and it worked! I will try a fifty grm version over the weekend, which is a good serving for three.
The pulse pouring seems to result in less saturation/immersion early in the brew compared to a continuous pour.
The next controllable is water; word is the Waitrose essentials mineral water is very good for filter coffee and could be better than the Brita filtered that I am using presently. I shall report back with my findings. :grinning:


No idea what it means or what the implications are for taste but I’m loving the thoroughness & obsession.


I’ll bring the gear to Lopwell with a range of coffees for a play. :+1:


That’s what I was hoping for,


I was thinking of having a watch


Like HiFi, it’s mainly about the poncing about rather than the end result. :rofl:


Remind me to bring the vac pot and technivorm to the northern bash.


Prefer their DJ sets to live shows, tbh.


Lots of similarities, the best equipment is Japanese too! :grin:


Just made a batch of cold brew ready for the morning


Aeropress coffee, ice cream, milk. Blend, add ice. Win.


Adam I’ve been necking a similiar combo and when the wife isn’t looking a wee dram of voddy


Away on hols so had to buy some of this to tide me over.

Result: meh.