I never quite understood combining coffee and booze since the early days of vodka red bull, when I woke up at 3am after maybe an hour’s sleep, and felt I’d never sleep again! Coffee is to simulate, booze is to relax.

The lovely local café to me does cocktail evenings with espresso martinis. But they make no sense to me, so I’ve never been.


I don’t mind stuff like whisky/brandy/rum in a coffee as they add flavour. But vodka is pointless as it is mostly tasteless.


“Nestle is paying $7bn because it believes Starbucks products will appeal to premium coffee lovers around the world.” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Espresso with shots of Grappa is nice after an Italian meal


A bit of amaraetto or scotch makes my black decafs more interesting of an evening…




I won’t do caffeine after mid afternoon.

And I can’t be arsed with tea. Decaf black is a lazy option! It’s more a drink than coffee.


You will be as decaf coffee still has caffeine in it. Certainly enough to detect and enough to have a physiological impact.


I like them after a meal when there are a few hours of socialising to do afterwards.


Don’t mind them, but most are too sweet for me. Our friend Sarah who runs a branch of the London Cocktail Club makes them for me unsweetened but won’t share her recipe with me.

I think making it with a small amount of Tia Maria is much less sweeter than Kahlua.

Using cold brew coffee makes it more sophicated than an espresso


Agree with the sweetness, but as i generally don’t eat desert one is nice.
May give the cold brew and Tia Maria a go though.


Or alternatively drink the espresso then pour the grappa into the still hot coffee cup :+1:




Got to play around with an Aeropress that my brother has acquired, whilst I was back visiting my folks. Really want one now. Need to check pricing for that plus a jug / thermometer.


Decaffeinated,…coffee the taste. Occasionally the taste is more important than the stimulation, in much the same way any flavour preference enhances an alcoholic drink to the one choosing


but won’t share her recipe with me.



Do you need a jug and thermometer for the Aeropress?


Uhh, not that I know of.

For me that’s the whole point of Aeropress. It’s extremely simple and very very fast.

Although from what I’ve seen online there are plenty of bored blokes who have managed to make it complex and time-consuming.


I use the thermometer I already had, and I’m thinking of getting a temperature-controlled kettle


My Question was kind of rhetorical but Jon may have found a recipe that requires a jug and a thermometer or he might be buying them for something else! :grinning: