^^^^ Mutant offspring of a vacuum cleaner and a sex toy.


actually mine is a bit different I have a small chaff collector. I keep meaning to buy the large chaff collector as apparently it emits less smoke and you can attach a hose to the outlet to vent it outside.


^^^^ Mutant offspring of a vacuum cleaner and a bright red sex toy.


Cool… I don’t think I can afford one of those! :grinning:


Like brewing (or any infusion), as water is the major constituent, ignore the water “profile” at your peril. Filtered or not, unless you are using industrial levels of filtration of course, certain characteristics will be different from house to house let alone area to area.
Ever wondered why a once great beer that is now brewed in a different location but with the same ingredients, tastes so different ? Some breweries can replicate the water profile using chemistry, but additional chemicals often change it’s reaction with the grain and/or hops.

Coffee is just as susceptible to changes in water profile. Brit’s style filters don’t rid the mains water of chloromines. These being a major contributor to dull or tainted flavours. Chlorine will evaporate but chloromines remain but can be removed using Camden tablets. This will never “neutralise” the effects of your supply but may be cheaper than bottled water.

Just some food for thought


A simple (ish) undersink filter like this for under £50 will remove every nasty thing including chloromines - leaving just pure water - far far, better than any jug system.


get it here:


you can remove Chloromines by reverse osmosis but the reverse osmosis equipment has to be designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia



Mmm…do I want my coffee to taste of orange, peach and nectarine? :thinking:


how heavy is the roast? How sharp/bright on the palate is it?


Wassamarrer donchoo like fruit salad ?? :laughing:


Yes, but not in my coffee, am I strange? :roll_eyes:


Good? I have one of his other Bolivians on the go Atm… “David Vilca”. Pretty good, chocolate/orange kinda thing. :+1:


It’s a medium roast. They are all well short of full.
The acid isn’t too much. Just the acidity you get from holding back the colour and allowing the flavour a bit of room, as opposed to the usual darker roasts these days.

Always interesting, but my wife still confuses a lighter roast with “weak” coffee.
If it’s not burnt it’s not strong; a common misconception !




roasted medium dark, these beans are making a very fine cup of coffee


For espresso?


yep and an Americano.

Might make some cold brew with it but I think it might lose some of its edge.

Just checked with my supplier and they only had a few kilos and it’s all gone now


I’m dying to give it a go, have been doing a fair bit of reading. A bit more research and I’ll give it a crack. I think I’ll Probably have a go with a popcorn maker first, although a second-hand bread maker and heat gun looks a cost effective method too, especially as I already have the heat gun.