Ooooh ! Get her !


I was most impressed with the ritual and panoply of Richie’s pouring Coffee. Excellence takes effort & focus some may call it faff, personally I prefer ‘striving’. I understand this to be the way of things. One thing i wondered is if things could be taken a step further? To ensure freshness and alignment of flavinoids should the beans be stored under one of these


Does Mr MWS sleep with one of those rigged up over his groin?


Not just at night, his incomparable Chi is a churning urn of ripe vitality .

Tomorrow I will make further helpful suggestions on the matter of ‘grounding’


I would like to say sorry to @Wayward Richie for taking the piss about his coffee making last weekend. 15 minutes to make a coffee takes some dedication and also the Waitrose special water.





Well I thoroughly enjoyed my cup, and thank you for taking the time and effort to make it for me.
Only slightly quicker than waiting for one of Pete’s amps but well worth it :grin:


Ritchie taking heat for the level of faff was expected. Never, ever, EVER could he be criticised for the quality of the end product.

Great coffee Ritchie :+1:


Yes, despite being an espresso diehard, I was pleasantly surprised by Ritchie’s pour-over brew :smiley:


I must be a lightweight in the coffee stakes,the one Ritchie made me gave me a 15 min caffine buzz


Went into the office today. They’ve got new Jura coffee machine to replace the two Franke machines.

Made a decent espresso. (all they need to do now is ditch the pre-packed Lavazza beans :unamused:)


you are lucky your pre-packed beans are as good a Lavazza!


Do you guys rate Illy coffee at all? I’ve had a few and generally liked them.


Isn’t that what they serve for £5.00 a cup on Sleazy Jet?


Occasionally buy their beans if there’s a special offer, but you’re paying for the fancy tin. Not worth twice the price of Lavazza.

Tk Maxx often have some interesting (ie never heard of them) Italian espresso brands, but chuck them in the freezer asap, because they’re bound to be towards the end of their life, and TBH they’re a bit hit or miss, ranging from meh, to wow, and you can never find the same brand when you go back.


I think it’s over priced to be honest. I used to use it here and there and I am not sure it is much better quality than other stuff you can buy off the rack.
As far as I understand it, Italian cafés have a cap on the price of a coffee and this effects the entire industry. It’s Arabica, but probably grown at low altitude, industrially processed and roasted. These days you can buy an incredible variety of single origin or blended coffee online, roasted on the day you order it. Once you get into that, there isn’t any going back! Hasbean for price…


What he said.

People rave about it Italian coffee but the beans are just mass bought and packed, with most supermarket own brands not being far off anyway.
Not bad coffee but just coffee.

Bit like comparing Bells with the sorts of single malt you get at hasbean.
Your cheaper coffee is just like an own brand scotch from Lidl.

The benefit of illy etc. Is you know what you are getting if you like the flavour profile.


He is an artist with the bean… but his coffee breaks at work must take half an hour each.


overpriced, and over roasted. If you want your coffee to be overpowered by the roast then fine. You can get much the same for less (Lavazza) if that’s your cup of tea…


indeed about the only positive thing I think of…