Not sure if deliberate…


Haha! My colleague Lee disappeared some time ago and I just caught a whiff of something caffeinated from the kitchen. :grin:


was indeed…


@BobC can you provide a linky to that roastery you use? I really enjoyed the Rwandan you were making at the weekend.


Mass produced supermarket beans are rubbish anyway, regardless of brand…always stale. :frowning_face:

…the main reason all the coffee tasted great at Lopwell, whether it was Ritchie’s filter or Bob’s espresso, was because all the beans were fresh - i e, within a couple of weeks from roasting. :+1:


Any good ?


The tin is nice.



Grown on the slopes of the Barú volcano in western Panama, these geisha variety coffee beans are auctioned off for high prices every year. Hugely complex flavours and an aroma to die for have made it a prizewinner 15 times in the past 10 years.


The Giesha variatal is the coffee most used in competitions and is expensive, do Fortnum have their own roastery?


Not sure? Where do you get your beans R?


From all over, I like trying different places. currently I have beans from Caravan, Assembly, Lost Sheep, The Barn (Berlin) and Cuillier (Paris). I can’t stop buying them at the moment… Department Of Coffee And Social Affairs have a fantastic Yirgacheffe right now and I am hoping they don’t run out before I have room for another bag!


I don’t think they do - sometime ago I was in there buying some tea, and I visited the coffee section and asked if they roasted their own beans - they were very circumspect with their answer.

From memory at that time (about 3 years) they didn’t even put the roasting date on the pretty tin. I deduced (from their answers) that they didn’t roast their own beans. The Jamaican Blue mountain was flying out of the door.


We had some madly expensive Harrods beans here, given to us by a customer. They went in the bin! beautiful packaging but stale. They have their own machine too. :thinking:


the people from Caravan got really arsy with me, when I asked them if they’d sell me some green beans. The people at assembly were nice


there is no excuse for that - they are just not selling enough, and then taking their customers for idiots.


Caravan are a bit cool and up their arse. They have great beans though!


You need a cheaper hobby. Can I recommend R2R? All the faff but marginally less expensive.


I’m drinking less wine!


Have you ever tried any Kopi Luwak beans Ritchie? (the ones that are eaten and shat by civet cats)


No and I have heard that going through a monkey’s digestive system fucks up the acidity, which I suppose is the thing I want to highlight. Have you?