Thank you Ritchie,
I can’t remember the last time I asked a question and received an answer quite so pregnant with win. I’m excited to investigate and learn more.


No, but if I could get some freshly roasted, I wouldn’t mind trying them out - if only to see if they do taste any different. :+1:

I bet Simon’s tried them…


Yes, I have been to a Civet Cat farm in Indonesia. They are nothing special, but they are mellow, and low in citrus zestiness, which is how I like my coffee, which is why I tend to stick to African growers.

I had my most mind blowing caffeine experience in a café in Saigon. We went for a coffee, I don’t recall the blend, but we chose a dripper. Whatever the coffee was, it had such a caffeine hit I really didn’t know what was going on for about 15 minutes.




I tried some kopi luwak - It was ‘woody’ and too strong - Damn stuff made my tits tingle.


Stu like that feeling


Not sure it was exactly “like.” :frowning_face:


The Caravan website is simple to use, some of the descriptions are a little tricky to conjure on the pallet (I am a newbie) but I spent my pocket money and look forward to blast off.


Nice. You’ll not go wrong with Caravan.

I think (now having gained a little experience) that how the beans are processed is the best guide to how they will taste. Natural process are generally bigger bodied with berry tones and maybe sweeter. Washed process tend to be finer, floral and perhaps more tea-like with hightened acidity. Honey process lies somewhere between the two. This is only a general guide however… I have had washed that have been big and powerful and Natural that have been delicate. The higher up the plants are grown (MASL) generally leads to more complexity.

Some of the roasters tasting notes can get a little er, excitable… :grin:


Over indulgence triple LP imo



A colleague from Vietnam brought me a bag of this to use in a cafetière at work. It’s bloody lovely. Very chocolate-y and I drink it black.


I’m hoping that my work mate Yen, who went to Vietnam today, is going to bring us back some gear. Biggest coffee producer worldwide these days apparently…?


really? I thought that was still Brazil and Vietnam no 3 and Ethiopia no 5



Coffee Geek Showdown!



Ooops, well #2 then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil.


For all the fake faffers
Loving the Nespresso ice coffee pods



250 quid of this Sage at J Lewis.
2 year gtee & the world’s longest addy…


Faff properly or fuck off.

Yirgacheffe innit.