I think hand grinding would be a lot of work, even for a 3 cup cafatiere.


I think hand grinding would be a lot of work, even for a 3 cup cafatiere.




we like our Rancillio


Not much work, cafetier grind size is large so the burrs don’t have to work too hard. Knock grinders are very efficient, compared to a Porlex which I had before. They also produce a much narrower particle size band, as opposed to powder+ boulders.


Work out your coffee to water ratios and a full cafetière is only about a full tank of the knock.
It is a bit of effort, though. I got sick of putting a handful of beans into a decent electric grinder and finding most of the result was sat in the tubes.


…And then wrecks your next brew…


depends on the throughput. We are normally pushing through coffee for maybe 6 double espresso’s per day. we rarely have a problem with the remains. I normally sweep out the few grams that are left, when we change beans…


@browellm Another thing to consider is your coffee future. For instance, the Sage listed in the Independent 10 best list that Simon posted, is recognised as a very good grinder, which is feature packed and excellent value. It will grind a very good espresso but won’t grind large enough for a French press. Other grinders may have the opposite issue…
I know you want an espresso machine, so if you go electric make sure that you get one that is capable of doing both ends of your grinding needs.







Ascaso grinders are great - mine has been brilliant - 10 year’s use and still going strong. Plenty of adjustment on the grind too.

Here’s one for £90.


I reckon that Krups grinder will do me for a bit of messing about and experimentation. :+1:


Damn the world of covfefe and all its chicanery. I was going to order a 3-cup cafetiere yesterday and then I read don’t get a 3-cup because of the heat loss from the small volume, so now I’m looking at 4-cup options.


Too late. You’ve already succumbed. :grinning:


Anyone thought bollocks to coffee and gone back to tea bags yet?


I’ve certainly been trying to drink more tea of late, but that’s mostly to get my sugar consumption down than anything else.



I bought a jar of this on holiday. Looks like coffee but tastes like something else… I couldn’t manage one cup🤢


Pah. As ever, we need SSM tea foo.