A week away and I really missed decent coffee. I had access to a filter machine and bought some ground coffee for it. Frankly it was rather grim. Coming back to freshly ground decent beans and made in the Aeropress was most welcome!


I miss SSM


Shhh…don’t mention that you take sugar in your coffee or the sugar police on here will have you…:smirk:


Should be slung off the thread!
next you will be telling me people put milk in their coffee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




But, but, but… the smaller the cafetiere, the shorter the time it will need to brew. Also, don’t plunge and leave, you have to pour it into another vessel, otherwise it keeps on brewing. :grin:


yes, not leaving it to stand after plunging is crucial, otherwise it will end up tasting like shit.

We used a thermos jug to keep it warm for decanting duties after plunging


Damn grinder and French press haven’t arrived yet :frowning:


Don’t worry, the 30th August roasting date means that it will be better 5-7 days hence. It will be very gassy at the moment.


Is that what Jim drinks? :weary:


Tremendous faff. A+


The French are welcome to it…:smirk:


I like the way that they describe exactly how to add the 750ml of water, but give you the coffee amount to use per litre. Just so you have to do some mental arithmetic. It’s the added inconvenience that makes the real difference.


Faff - because you’re worth it.


Now the EU are forcing us Brits to drink coffee this way.

Proof, if it were needed, that we should just leave now regardless of the impending economic catastrophe that awaits us.


Covfaff is the best faff.


So, have you tried it yet?


I’m wading through a bag of ground espresso that someone bought me at the moment. Wrong grind size etc., but seems churlish to not use it because of that.


Just bin it. Wrong faff is bad faff.


Pre-ground and bagged? it will have gone stale anyway - might as well bin it. Have you learned nothing grasshopper :roll_eyes: