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Look at the hasbean brew guides. Use the app?
There’s more to French press than you thought…

Or not. Don’t grind small unless you like sludge.

Today’s new batch:


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Meanwhile in the world of real coffee faff…

I have been mucking about with my old Hario V60 dripper, last used before I got a pouring kettle and really got into pour- over.
Coffee snobbery says that it is a difficult beast to master but makes the bestest coffee ever and all other brewers are pants. Cunts get REALLY heated up about it! :roll_eyes: I started this because my colleague at work and I had a disagreement. He said that the V60 would require a special recipe - there are literally hundreds online and he seems to buy into the V60 myth… I on the other hand said that I didn’t see why the recipe we use for the Kalita Wave wouldn’t work it’s just water, time, temp’ and grind size and if it extracted differently just adjust the grind accordingly. Anyway, I decided to dial in a new bean with the Kalita and then try exactly the same grind size and process with the v60. For those that don’t remember :rofl: the recipe is; 25 grms of coffee/390grms water ( Waitrose ‘Lockhills’ natch) with six pours of 65grms water of 15 seconds duration, with a 15 second interval between each. The brewer is removed at 3:30 mins.
Somewhat arrogantly, I was expecting it to work and I was right. It does extract quicker ( it has a conical filter and one giant hole in the bottom, rather than the Kalita’s flat bottom with three small holes and flat bottomed filter) but if you adjust the grind finer to taste, it works perfectly well. What I wasn’t expecting was that it produces a cup with a different character. The Kalita, produces a cup with a full body, quite punchy and super clean. The V60 in comparison loses nothing of the clean thing but has a lighter body and seems to somehow draw out a bit more complexity. I really like it! I wonder if the two could be made to taste like each other but I suspect they do have a different character regardless of the recipe. I’ll continue experimenting and report back with my findings of course :grin::+1:


Excellent faff,

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What we obviously need are blind coffee tasting tests…


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