Yeah, OK. I binned it.


Looks exactly like the one on the A17 just outside Norwich.


Costa cortado. About 3x the volume it should be.


Yes totally agree - Costa always put far too much milk in their Cortados. :grimacing:


they’ve gone right down hill recently - must be something odd with the bean roasting.


All of the big cafés are the same - they come up with a sensible size, then make it bigger, then invent a new smaller drink. Repeat…


I know next to nothing about serious coffee, but was looking at some stuff, about the high street chains, and came across this.
Make sense?


I stopped reading at:

"There are a few differences in how espresso is drank in Italy vs the rest of the world. "


Bleedin’ Eyeties…


Few new ones to try.


next order of green beans - 4kg should last 4-5 months


I thought they went stale after a couple of weeks?


Green (unroasted beans) will last around 6 months if kept sensibly. I learned that this weekend!


I hope not, it takes @Wayward that long just to make one cup.


Ye gods, you lot aren’t roasting now as well as the rest of the faff?


Next step planting.


Seed faff




Entreq coffee growing enhancers