I think first would be to buy a chunk of mountain somewhere in the tropics.




green beans - I roast my own


Faff free espresso…:heart_eyes:


Instant? :thinking:


Not quite, but only takes 10 seconds to grind the beans in the Ascasso, 3 seconds to tamp and 20 seconds to pull the shot from the La Spaziale :stuck_out_tongue:


Pah! If it doesn’t take 48 hrs to make it must be crap. Did you actually time yourself making it Jim?


No, you know I’m not a measurebator John :wink: they were guestimates


Palestine!!! :rage: Faff free :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know, couldn’t wait for the mince pie or HCB threads, so a quick troll in here seemed overdue :laughing:


Well played!



Had the nice man in John Lewis make me a cortado on the Sage Oracle today. Bloody lovely but the machine is a big beast!


I shudder to think what my coffee and milk consumption would be if I had one of those machines. When I was in the office I could get through about 8 a day, and that was a standard industrial bean to cup.


Technivorm now on Amazon.


I’ve just bought one and it’s a pile of shite. Fucking thing is leaking more coffee than is going in the pot.


@sap7 had one at the Yorkshire roast off, seemed pretty good to me.


Leaking how!?



where the jug slides in and pushes up the catch to open the valve, when coffee starts flowing it wicks along the catch and runs down the outside of the plastic case where the heater is.


No catch on mine.
Must be a newer model thing. Older ones like mine just have a switch on the filter that closes the hole manually.


Do you have the glass jug or the thermal jug?