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Ok thanks. Was thinking of one for my partner.


Worth asking this lot for prices.
They were the place technivorm pointed me to


Got the coffee machine working by snapping the sprung loaded valve off the filter holder, just means I have to make sure it has completely finished before removing the flask.

Bought a few different coffees from Waitrose today and have decided that the Ethiopian was my favourite. Can anyone recommend similar types/flavours and a good online place to get roasted beans from?


Yirgacheffe in my admittedly narrow experience is quite varied in itself! I think that coffee from different countries can be loosely generalised. Ethiopian=floral, Colombian= chocolate/nutty etc, etc, but a far better guide is how the coffee is processed.

Most Yirgacheffe (but not all) is washed or wet processed, which means that the pulp is taken off the cherry after picking, usually mechanically. It is then fermented for a few hours and then slowly dried on patios in the sun.
Washed coffees tend to have highlighted acidity.

Natural processed coffee is picked and left to dry in the sun and turned regularly to stop it getting mildew. When the coffee has, I think about 12-15% moisture, it is pulped. This method produces in general, a sweeter, fruitier taste, because the bean has absorbed more of the sugars from the pulp.

A third way is pulped natural, or honey processed, which means that varying degrees of the fruit is left on the bean, it’s then dried slowly and then washed which can produce a really complex cup with balanced sweetness and acidity. This is more of a South American thing.

Another thing to look for is the altitude at which the coffee is grown. The higher up, generally the better quality/more complex it is. Cooler climbs lead to slower growth. Slow is always better in everything. :grinning:

If you want more of the Yirgacheffe thing (I think we are mostly past the season for them now, apart from stale supermarket shite :wink:)I would look at coffees from Kenya maybe or other parts of Ethiopia. These people have had some great stuff recently
Looks like the have sold the Kenyan they had but the Pacamara is really very nice. Worth keeping up with what Horsham have, they are really excellent.




I use Pact Coffee, which does a subscription model with good (not over roasted) coffee always fairly traded and sustainable. The subscription system works well - you get an email and can bring forward or delay with a single click.

Fiver off code: (gets me a fiver off as well)


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buy green and roast your own



Ritchie will love this :grin:


Found a place that does the Ethiopian one I like :slight_smile:


Love what?


I would be wary of that, it’s too cheap. I would expect to pay a minimum of 8 quid for 250 grms of a proper Yirgacheffe. It also bothers me that the label doesn’t say how it is processed and the notes on the origin are vague. It bothers me also that they say the coffee is good for 3 months and there is a roasting date of May on it. Do they roast to order?

Read here about Ethiopian coffees and how they are bought/sold:


Where as


That’s probably a library photo as the roasting date is May 2017.

It does say it is washed which I thought was the process used to remove the pulp before drying.

Arrives tomorrow so will see what it’s like.


Ah, stoopid here didn’t see the washed thing was just looking at the label. Still seems very cheap… I’m interested in what it is like!


Bit meh. Prefer natural process stuff.


I been buying natural processed Yirgacheffe green beans for between £11 and £15 per KG. Although my supplier is all sold out now, and doesn’t think they’ll get anymore.

Still none of my fav Yemen Mocca Matari ghd supply chain. Although I notice some roasters still have some, I can’t find green anywhere.