Currently drumming my fingers on the table waiting for my magic beans to arrive. C’mon Mr. Postie!


Me too, all over the Geisha that hasbean has up at the moment.


Praise the lord.


Coffee arrived just now:

Ethiopian was roasted on 28/9/18
Peruvian was roasted on 30/8/18

Will try some when I get home.


Hasbean bragging rights.



Are you not ashamed of the plastic coat hangers?



Total has-been. :slight_smile:






If it’s hasbean week, this was my delivery.
New one for me, Thailand.


The right plastic hangers are better than any wood ones actually. That said, our ones are shite. :grin:


Ok, your exclusive wins.


Dick flash!


Who’s the Michael Jackson jacket for?


Best use of an ironing board I think I’ve ever seen.


It’s nice to see that they do Jasmine Sweet Lemon & Morello cherry flavour.

Do they do any coffee flavoured beans? :grinning:


we’ll I tried and tried but these people don’t seem to want to sell me a machine. I won’t use Cafe Italia given the reviews ive read.

Equally at the top of my hit list was the Sage Dual Boiler, which is better specced than the La Spaziale, so it looks like it’ll be a Sage


I know where Bean Machine are, I can go poke them with a stick, or even set @ICHM on them, he isn’t far away :grin:


thanks Simon. I’ve given up with La Spaziale - when we need to we’ll get the Sage which is actually better specced .


I was looking at the lots in our local auction room this morning & it appears to contain some items from an Italian restaurant.

A couple here that might go for reasonable prices.

Ceado grinder (Lot 11)


San Remo Espresso machine. (Lot 13)

If you’re interested & want me to collect/send I could do that.

You’d need to register & bid here. Auction happens tomorrow from 10am.