I have recently come to deeply resent my Nespresso machine.

I hate this site.


That serious looking grinder went for £15. The coffee machine £140.

I should’ve bought them & put them on ebay.


Splinter company called Pureground


My life has been forever changed since last Sunday, @edd9000 and I did a dodgy deal where I got a broken bean to cup machine as part of the deal.

I didn’t like coffee before, I’m drinking about 4 cups a day, now.


Nice one Craig. Did you repair it yourself?


Yes. Disassembled the grinder motor unit and then reassembled it - part of it looked as though it ended up forced apart from being clogged (or for some other reason, unsure), works well.

The repair included me having to take the u bend off of the sink as when I was messing around with it, it fell apart and spewed springs/ball bearings all over the worktop.


Steady on! Sounds like a purveyor of wooden boxes full of cat litter to me.

Oh, hang on! That type of “ground”.


Coffee filled Entreq? Just imagine the foo potential with having to refill with Yirgacheffe every four weeks to keep the sound fresh…


I’ve gone back to mine, I’m trying to go a whole month without faff




Post lunch espresso


Just noticed my Nespresso pods have a best before date of March 17. Is this an issue ?

No need for wind up replies, I’m not a Nespresso salesman :smile:


Don’t worry, they can’t taste any worse :smiley:


He said no wind up replies, but the very first reply…

…from the wind-up merchant-in-chief…of course :wink:


I thought I was being helpful :roll_eyes:


I don’t really understand the question. It won’t kill you (the pressurised steam pumped through them is likely to kill any stuff growing in it), so it’s a question of taste, which can only be answered by someone who has old Nespresso pods around to test it. And the only person there is…


Sensible answer:
Best Before dates are advisory. Used By dates have safety connotations.

Actual answer:
They are shit. You deserve what you get.


Mostly troll?


The flavour of the old pod??