Well fuck, because of reasons I decided to use a pour over filter rather than my usual Aeropress today. The result was a coffee with considerably more depth than usual, and a much more full mouth feel.

I admit I’d got into a routine of dialing it in with the Aeropress, but the difference in quality was a bit of a shock. More faff, vicar?


Really impressed with Has Bean, ordered some from them a few weeks ago and bar one all are very nice

Finca La Escondida Washed Red Catuai (hot chocolate, white sugar, apricot)
Finca Limoncillo Elegant Natural Red Pacamara (cherry, dark chocolate, liqueur)
Finca Limoncillo Pulped Natural Ethiosar (orange, overripe mango, brown sugar, fruit juice)
Finca Limoncillo Washed Caturra (toffee, green apple, caramel, balanced)
Costa Rica Dona Daisy Finca Don Pepe Red Honey Geisha
Bolivia Finca Las Alasitas Washed Caturra





Utter cock. Medium or light roasted beans, a Porlex on the smallest but one setting, take off the heat when the bubbling starts and a Mokka Express will stomp all over Nespresso.


Don’t know what you’re talking about but it sounds great. :+1:


And it is difficult to put the grounds in the container? Was the journalist using boxing gloves or something?


Ooh, that’s some serious clickbait.

They are all such different drinks that comparisons are moot. I mean, do you prefer giraffes or fridge-freezers?


hmmm each is barely comparable - I suppose one can have a fav. Bit like trying to compare a Martini and a beer cos they both contain alcohol.


Embrace the faff. The faff is your friend.


The Finca La Ilusion is bloody good.


This is fantastic. :ok_hand:


Not sure why I watch this thread

I’m still stuck at kettle


Just think though of the several extra hours every day you have, not having to deal with the faff…


Do you have any coffee flavoured beans?



Anyone got any experience with one of these?

I. am looking for something that’ll grind fine enough to make Turkish coffee so I don’t have to buy ready ground which goes stale quickly. Despite Porlex claiming they go fine enough for Turkish coffee, mine didn’t so I gave it away


Infected by the faff, lopwell to blame


25 grms of coffee, grind like sharp sand/sea salt. 6 x pours of 65 grms water each, with a duration of fifteen seconds, and a fifteen second interval between each pour. Pour in a spiral, in to out, out to in, or vice versa. Aim for water to drain to expose grounds at about 3mins, 3 seconds :joy:. If it drains quicker make the grind finer. If it drains slower, make the grind coarser. Remove the brewer at 3 mins 30.