Top man, even though I’ve not got it right I have been enjoying,
Got myself a goose neck pourer too


Enjoy! It’s a brilliant device. Which kettle did you get?


Just a cheap eBay one,

That’s how it starts…


Yes… I had the steel Hario one first, it works well but is massively improved with a flow restrictor. My hand isn’t steady enough to control it properly without. The spout on the copper Hario has a much narrower bore and is a joy to use, just ridiculously expensive. You can get the best temperature controlled one for less!

The tighter you can get the pours the better. Too much flow will create unwanted turbulence. It is possible to make a cup of coffee which is under and over extracted at the same time by pouring too much in one place. Also, Fill the kettle right up with boiling water and leave the top off, then weigh the coffee and set the rest up. Put the top on and pour. This way, the water will be abut the right temp. Alternatively, use a meat thermometer. 96 degrees c is about right I think. With pour over, you are relying on the grind size to control the flow of water through the coffee bed. If the temp is out, it won’t extract properly. Too cool and it will under extract and taste sour, too hot and it will over extract and go bitter. Many variables to control! You could brew to different timings for cooler water but that would be kind of making things difficult. :persevere:

A half full kettle will lose heat quicker and keeping the temperature as steady as possible is key. Also, if you fill it up every time, it always feels the same and is easier to keep steady.
I predict that you will get pretty good results right away but every so often you will make a cup that will astonish you, understanding what you did and trying to repeat it is very rewarding. Well, it is for a saddo like me anyway! :rofl:




Christ, it’s quicker to drive down to Jim’s, have a listen to a few tunes, drink his espresso and then drive home than this faff !


fixt for accuracy :+1:


No point in comparing it with espresso, it’s a different drink. :blush:


Surely people don’t actually do this insane shit ?

It’s a cup of coffee you’re making not a blood transfusion.


have you measured the impact of the turbulence?


Not exactly only tasted it.


Anything is ‘only’ something, it depends on what you are into. I’m pretty sure that quite a few people would think you are mad with your endless speaker/amp/ turntable changes! Its only a record, you could play it on a Dansette. I don’t think you are nuts because I fully understand the buzz of hifi but lots of people would, I’m sure. I like cooking and coffee is an extension of that.

My work is an unbelievable faff, making coffee, pales into insignificance by comparison but it does share a similar rabbit hole of understanding and constant refinement which floats my boat. :+1:


Gee, I’m sorry :blush:


Why? Its fine! I’m very patient and polite outside of the mince pie thread. :grin:

I quite like the idea of taking a small thing, atomising it and taking pleasure in the resulting faff. I fill my day with as much of these things as possible, joining them all up means that I’m likely to be happier more consistently.


Faff is good.


My first fantastic coffee, it’s taken a few bags to get the grind right.

Thanks for the hints, i was never much of a black coffee drinker (expresso being the exception) but now it really is a rarity.


@Wayward some of the funky finca you recommended on the way, the “here’s Johnny” blend looks interesting.

Really like the finca la illusion now.


There is a Yirgacheffe on there as of a couple of days ago too. I’m hoping it doesn’t sell out before I get paid!


Don’t worry, I blew through a bag this week without ever feeling like I had completely nailed it. This:


This one?