In fact, the others apart from the Shakiso are Yirgacheffes too.


Just worth repeating that line. Lest we forget.
I shall use it elsewhere.


Try it before sex. :ok_hand:


quite fancy a syphonic brewer


Nah, boiled/overheated coffee grounds…:grimacing:


Am I supposed to be leaving the beans for a while before grinding them, If hasbean are roasting them today and I get them tomorrow how long does it take for them to degas or is it not worth worrying about?

Have just made some coffee from the beans I got today and it smells and tastes a bit sour.


nein - 93 deg C


under extracted? How long did the extraction take?


not sure, about two or three minutes, it’s a technivorm filter machine.


That sounds a bit short.


Have just timed it to make 4 cups (500 ml), total of 3 mins 15 seconds

Takes 2 minutes for the water tank to heat and empty then another 1 min 15 for the coffee to finish dripping.



You mean you make coffee in less than four hours? Loser! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


‘What do we want?’
‘A hot drink!’
‘When do we want it?’
‘Much later on!’


Has the recipe been working well previously with other coffee? Coffee that is just roasted gives off a lot of Co2 when water is added making it difficult for water to penetrate the grinds. I think this is a bigger problem for espresso machines but still has an effect with filter. I try and leave beans a week before using but often lose patience!

Coffee does vary tremendously from bean to bean. I think altitude, process, variety and roast etc all affect the density and or how porous any given bean is.

Adjust your grind finer and see how you go. You are at a disadvantage with an automatic machine because it does what it does…




I agree




Just ordered some of that and their Christmas filter blend.