I Found epic pour over in Santiago! Ethiopian. Ha! They even have South American ones :grin:


Is it instant? :grinning:


No, it took forever. :+1::grin:


Heavenly :wave:


Have they got mince pies?


I didn’t see any but I am interested to find some. When I arrived, the Christmas thing was full on with music, decorations in the airport shops etc. That feels bloody weird considering it’s coming into high summer! I’ll look, would be fun to take it down if I find one! :grinning:


The Little Bakery. Santiago.


@Wayward uber faff coffee shop in Kings Cross


Conniptions incoming…


Conn-iptions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I hate it that those shops usually do really great coffee. I enter them full of self loathing, why am I going into such a place. Then I love the coffee, and am all conflicted.


I loath the the entire redevelopment of the Kings Cross area.


Yep the smack heads and whores of old (and of course the whores who were also smack heads) made it a much more convivial area! It had real character it did!
Then along came the London Olympics and the bulldozers moved in!


it’s a coffee shop by Alain Ducasse - an interesting place


How much does it cost for a cup of black coffee there?


What type ?


Where did all the prostitutes move onto?


Precisely, now it’s just another soulless retail area that could be anywhere.


We definitely need more shitholes. Petition your local council now.


The cheapest, plain black coffee.