At an Alain Ducasse establishment ?

Does not compute.


dunno, ours were on the house in the end, after I started talking coffee faff and roasting to the manager.

IIRC, the filter house signature blend was about £4


Actually, that’s not bad. Was expecting around double that.


They’re all serving coffee to ex punters.


Fafff coffee better than crack


Louise tells me I was wrong, and that it was £3.50 so a bargain…


No one should ever, ever, mention expresso on this thread.


Just saying.


Duplicate of the free stuf thread.

I have a lot of Tassimo cartridges for a Tassimo coffee machine that I used to use.

All are Americano, three boxes of 144g x 5

Free collection only from CW8. If you know somebody who can pick them up, feel free to arrange it.

Two in date (2019) one Nov 2018.


This is :ok_hand:


A bit of faff!


Too old.:grin::grin:


actually verging on too young, as they might not have fully degassed yet. Some beans take up to a week to degas


It’s more than a week since the 4th Dec on my calendar :thinking:


I am never fully degassed, does that mean I’m too young :grin:


you are never too young for a degassing…


I bet these are amazing but at £30 for 45grms of each, doesn’t give you much headroom to dial the grind in! :astonished:


£30 for 90 grams (2 x 45)


Yes 45 grams of each is 90 grams. :+1:


was just about to edit, should’ve read further on before saying your maths is shite :slight_smile:


Think you’d like this @Wayward