That sounds great. :+1:


I bet Jilly Goolden would love it :smiley:



Your ma loves it.



Tinkerbell will be along in a minute to tell you it’s “yer maw”


I prefer the Irish derivation.


What? Yer Ma? That’s fighting talk right there…as in:

Yer Ma’s a wagon. Put wheels on that ould one and she’ld roll uphill.



My work mate has been to Omotesando, said it was very nice. They don’t serve anything but coffee, no cakes, nuffink. Coffee Nazis. :+1:


The Alain Ducasse place at Coal Drops Yard is brilliant. If its quiet and you talk roasting beans, first crack, second crack, degassing etc…they might lob you a few freebies or give you a taste of something experimental…might pop in there on Saturday morning before we head off to the Beefeater distillery


Quick hit before your blood transfusion??


we are being shown around by a Beefeater “brand host” whatever that might be.


back to more serious matters, will this signal the end of this branch of faff?

Does this mean we will all be relegated to drinking coffee substitutes, with the elite trading small amounts of beans on ebay for stupidly high prices. Will niche dealers be selling refurbed machines…hmmmm sounds familiar R2R anyone


We should try making coffee with the wild types. Coming up with the right blend, the experimentation…


Given some of the barmy flavours that seem to appear, I assumed they were already picking the wild types. We’ll be running out of adjectives should these wild types ever get into the hands of hipsters.


actually no - its a bit like wine, same grapes, different terroir, different climate, different processing, different roasting, and different drink production results in drinks with completely different flavour profiles. Don’t forget that coffee beans are the seed from a fruit often referred to as a “cherry”


Kings Cross will once again go back to selling small gram packets of brown powder



just had a cold brew at the Alain Ducasse coffee faff shop - 120g coffee per litre, too much caffeine. And a shot of Cascara (steeped coffee bean husks)


Holy shit, assume you have to use more for cold brew but I’m currently using 45g per litre in the filter machine and that is strong.


I normally use about 70-80g per litre in our hario cold brewer.