Taking all this in. Like the look of the Moccamaster, assume I would need a hand grinder (which eventually I’ll get pissed off with), but at least I would be able to make decent coffee at home. I have a bialetti milk frother which seems to do the job ok.


All the drinks you say you like are espresso based yet the moccamaster is brewed based…


Balls. Tea it is then.


You’ll need one of these then :grinning:


Foo kettle now is it?


Do you really think that’s a kettle?


I don’t care enough to find out, I am sure some smart arse will tell me with zero effort from me.


I dont know what it is but I expect knowing @J_B it’s some kind of labour saving device where there is very little labour to be saved and which somehow makes the final product less than satisfactory. :grinning:


Who puts diarrhoea into a kettle




You know me so well :joy:

Product Specification

Key Information

Dimensions (H)17.8 x (W)20.9 x (D)26.2
360 Degree Connection Yes
Boil Dry Protection Yes
Concealed Element Yes
Keep Warm Function Yes
Limescale Filter Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Warranty Domestic Use Only Yes
Power 1400 Watt
Style Traditional
Water Capacity 1.2 Litres
Water Gauge Yes


Features We Love

Product Detail

Sage The Smart Tea Pot STM550CLR Tea Maker - Stainless Steel / Glass




Can somebody tell me what is wrong with a £19.95 kettle and a mug?


You had to go and ask didn’t you? :man_facepalming:

Brace yourself for coffee-tard overload…


You need a certain type of mug to buy that thing


Have you just cleaned out the budgie cage? :roll_eyes:


you need the top spec model


I must have got on the wife’s nerves (surely not), as she surprised me with an Aeropress a couple of days ago.

Impressed this here novice so far, certainly compared to my usual Kenco instant.

Nowhere near enough faff though. Grinder needed.


just get a nice porlex hand grinder


I have a porlex, but I wonder if this kind of thing is almost as good for a lot less money: