Hey, look. I’m just trying to be helpful! :innocent:


Used the Aeropress this morning, slightly hung over so kept it simple (after fucking up the first one).
Intend to try it the ‘@Wayward Way’ tomorrow, but may have to send the family out to arrive at the appropriate zen-like state.


Hario V60, Porlex, and stupid kettle ordered. (And some beans)


That’s your day sorted on the 16th :joy:


I have a Cona, that’s good faff too.




No wonder a suit costs a fortune and takes so long to make.
If you have four cups of coffee a day you only have time for two hours work each day!


Without coffee nothing happens.



Much better tasting result, being a coffee lightweight it is smoother/less bitter. So thank you for taking the time.

Only problem is, the rest of the household thought I was preparing a roast dinner due to the time taken. Sure I’ll speed up in time.


Haste is the enemy of perfection.


Haste is the enemy full stop.


With practice you’ll be able to knock a brew up quickly. Quick is relative of course but there are plenty of quick ways to make shit coffee.
A proper coffee shop making Aeropress will charge a fiver for it and this reflects how much work there is in it to do it properly.

Glad some of my tips helped!


I make an Aeropress coffee in about 30 seconds every weekday morning.

Slosh, scoosh scoosh, pffffrrrrrrtt. Done.


Coffee or @Jim?


‘’…the short blacks are definitely blacker and the crema is clearly more intense and colour saturated for sure tho the shun mooks were even better for me under the grinder.’’


Not sure that surface is ideal & cables could be better.

VTA also looks a little high.




Are you open Sundays?


If I bring my own, do you charge corkage?


Yay faff.