Oooooo app faff.


I have been using one of these for 20 years.


Is the coffee ready yet. It might be less than warm if the brew has been going since 1999.


Cafetières are fucking shit.




They don’t make good coffee, basically. I assume it’s something to do with having to have large grains so they don’t go through the metal filter, and even so you still get sludge. I’ve never had even decent coffee from one, let alone great coffee.


Of course you get grounds, you get that from any method
It is certainly better than the only alternative at work which is Gold Blend.


Added to terror watch list :eyes:


You get no grounds if you filter it.

Are you making many cups at once? That’s the only time I think I’d use one. And if I didn’t have nice beans :rofl:


Ah, you meant grounds in the cup,
There are a few but just like drinking proper tea you just don’t drink the last bit.
Haven’t got time or the facilities for anything else at work.
People already think I am a bit strange for buying vinyl if they saw me faffing about like you lot over a cup of coffee they would be sure I had a screw loose!


Manual faff.


I think its possible to make good coffee with a caffetier but as with ALL other brewing devices, to make it well takes an understanding of the balance of coffee/water ratio, water temperature, grind size and time. @browellm has been using one for a while with a (I think) Hasbean recipe, which iirc was reassuringly faffy. What do you think Mark?


You’re all wrong. You need to magic the beans. Everyone knows that…


Yes, the Hasbean guide for the French Press is überfaff.

I will admit to compressing the steps somewhat. It won’t be as good as the pour over methods but I have been pleased enough with the results and you definitely get the character of the various beans.

I’ve been chugging 400ml of coffee in a sitting so it can’t be too bad.


You are doing it wrong.


Hmmm I think I might be drinking too much coffee when the latest Hasbean order arrives in a sack.


Defaff :+1:


Well, I guess its like compressing music really…


I don’t understand why the pour over methods are seen as faff. The only really important thing is to make sure that you start off with a slow pour, to wet the coffee. You need to give this a bit of time. If you don’t do this, the first coffee through will be under extracted, and flow through very quickly.

Apart from that, it’s easy and largely foolproof.


I find it quite therapeutic…