I’ve got some Vietnamese drippers


And a cream to deal with them?


Isn’t that a variation on the Cleveland steamer?


Me too.


I saw an application form today.
Under ‘Medical Conditions’ the applicant had put ‘l have an unstable blabber’.


I haven’t tried one but from what I’ve read it’s like a cafetière but with better filtration. Because it’s a full immersion brewer, I’ve steered clear. I think it’ll produce a full bodied brew and not necessarily a fine, light and maybe more balanced brew like pour over does. I think it does away with pouring faff but is drowning your beans rather than rinsing them. Not sure it would give you the rounded mouth feel you are after…


Quite excited by the above. We have clubbed together to get this Taiwanese(!) Gesha. 2x £17.50 / 60grms. Still cheaper than a filter in a cafe per cup. Apparently it is fantastic. Just hope we get the grind right early and not blow through the lot before perfecting it. :astonished:


Haha, you’ve gone full Qvortrup.


I will laugh when you get it right on the last bean.

Make sure to get rounded mouth feel. :rofl:


They look like tins of 'baccy…:smiley:


£17.50 for 60 grams though. I’d be sweating like Jack Bauer on his latest bomb disposal while making that.


Four quid for a cup of coffee and you have to make it yourself :rofl:


I’m sure the write up will take longer …


“We’re thrilled to share with you…” £17.50



And this, this is what everyone else thinks when they hear how much you’ve spent on a record / cart / arm etc.


I have two. When amazon sold them for 7 quid a pop delivered.
Brilliant for work. Not the best method or worst. But rate high for just fill up and walk back to your desk. Just don’t pay over the odds!


Not quite nailed on the first go but not far off. It tastes amazing! It’s the aftertaste that is really striking; not unlike a really high quality Islay and it lingers forever. :heart_eyes:


I think you just described one of @Jim’a farts.