TBH I’m still just sloshing water into a caffetiere and then stirring with a spoon to make the plunger go down more easily! (And using vacuum packed pre-ground coffee from the supermarket)


Christ, all that faff just for a cup ? Can’t you just go round Jim’s for an hour or two and let him take the strain?


Fuck me, …and I thought I was a fussy coffee cunt! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good job you’re in France, not Italy - you’d be lynched :open_mouth:


Espresso is a different thing entirely and I really like the faff/learning. I love espresso too but my machine at home is even more difficult to get a good cup out of than pour over or Aero!


At least I am not using instant coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

Interestingly, my brother-in-law, who is at the home roasting level of coffee consumption, is adamant that the Italians are shit at coffee because it’s always over-roasted thus destroying the oils that make it interesting.


me too - that is OCD


Sweeping generalisation here but Italians have never got into The Third Wave. They are dinosaurs.


that depends on what flavour profile you are after.


They do roast dark.
Italians have the culture and the set up, but the coffee itself isn’t anything other than decent.
It’s a myth they have the best “coffee”. Maybe the best coffee culture?


Oh yeah, and is therefore up my street! :blush:


indeed at the volumes they consume, they couldn’t afford to buy anything other than her average been.


Overhyped - like their rep as lovers :wink:


Who’s she and where has she been? :thinking:


Me too, even post my stomach reduction surgery. That’s why I’m mostly drinking bog standard Lavazza as it was on offer in the supermarket.

Pre surgery I was regularly drinking 8-10 pints of filter coffee each day…


Fuck, 8-10 pints?!! If I drunk that much, I’d never sleep!


Years of sleep apnoea meant that it had zero effect on my ability to sleep. Now I’ve been using a CPAP for 9 months it would be interesting to see how much of an effect it would have.


Interesting that it is labelled from Uganda. Some friends of ours are involved in supporting an orphanage in SW Uganda who are growing coffee as a cash crop and apparently most of the stuff from there gets labelled as Kenyan.


I suppose that the mass market is used to the idea of Kenyan coffee…


Schumann’s sister?