@ZiggyMarley I’m not sure if you have another espresso machine yet but I have it on very good authority that the Sage Machines are excellent and great value for money.

A friend of a friend is the Creative Director for Caffeine magazine and he reckons they are as good or better than pretty much anything else on the market at the moment (talking about the dual boiler and the Oracle). Apparently he had the LaMarzocco home machine on trial and says there is no difference in the amount of control you have or the quality of coffee between it and the Dual Boiler , only that it looks prettier. At £3k, it’s way more than twice the price of the Sage… He also said that the grinder in the Oracle is better than anything you can buy for the difference in price between it and the Dual Boiler.

I’m poor at the moment, but one day…


Harts of Stur, Oracle £1199 with free delivery and interest free credit :smiley: You know it makes sense!


thanks for the info. We haven’t taken the plunge, but we will be soon. The Sage is still still top of the list




Middle aged men head for the country to wear capes and drink coffee.

Hmm, I might have to reconsider my attendance, this might be too rock’n’roll for me :thinking:


Don’t worry, the comparing s(wanky) shoes and which tea cake is best contests will quieten things down a bit :smiley:


That would likely end in fisticuffs! :joy:


I shall be bringing the bacon, chilli sauce and, of course, my best sandals :grin:


What about the unsalted butter? :grinning:


Don’t forget the Daisy Dukes and wooly socks Jim!


Keep up, we’ve been crema-ing ourselves over the Sage for weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


You have a Dual Boiler?


Sorry, no. I meant me and @ZiggyMarley chatting about them. I think he said his brother’s got one. I’d love one.


Sage Dual Temp Pro…



Oh, I knew you were banging on and tbh, I had dismissed them because baldy, speccy cunt reasons. I would really like the Dual Boiler…


£300 trade-in promotion off the Oracle touch.


is that still running?


Fisticuff. :slight_smile:





Also, this is a nice review.