There was one for sale on PFM recently, I was tempted. Not sure if still for sale.


Sold, I was interested.


My brother was given a Delonghi Disinta coffee machine as a gift, he set it up and flushed it through with clean water as per the instructions, at which point it was vetoed by his wife as taking up too much room on the work top :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So has never made a cup of coffee. He as asked me to eBay it for him, but I thought I would offer it on here 1st. Brand new, boxed and ready to go. £85 + P&P.


This is fantastic, really hoping I can get some more for the Lopwell Weekender.


Is 9 the faff factor? :grin:


The 9 is a bit like in football, it is the most expensive


This however, is utter rubbish. It is roasted on the outskirts of the village, by a guy who owns a cafe in Tenterden, which is where I bought it from. The roasting machine is on a friend’s property so I’ve seen it; It’s a proper professional machine and pretty impressive. If only he knew what he should be doing with it. It has a nasty, kind of veggie/bitter/ashey taste whatever I do with it. I would like to support the local guy but I think it is probably better to stick with the bigger, more established companies if this is anything to go by. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I had a cold brewed iced coffee today at Costa. Was ok, but not an experience I’d be falling over myself to repeat…




You obviously need your own espresso machine, cold brewed is wank!


The boy who cried Wank… :unamused::grinning:


I’ve got a Gaggia Classic, and can do a passable espresso. Just decided to try it as so many people seem to eulogise about it. It definitely had a different flavour profile, but at the end of the day it was just cold, weak coffee. With ice.


I’m no Covfefe expert whatsoever, so we bought this (instead of the ubiquitous Rancillo Silvia

Anyone used one / has some top tips, etc ?


I regret not having filmed Ritchie’s pouring ritual. You need to develop the ability to do it in a more zen like way with eyes closed & no scales or timer. I expect it’d take years to master it!

It certainly did make for a very tasty coffee.


Is that the barrister express? We are still pondering (whilst our old Isomak is still on its last legs) a Sage Oracle…

I’d be interested in your thoughts


Yup, it’s a Barista Express

I’m no coffee facist and the only reference point I have is the Rancilio, which a few friends have (and which makes a decent cuppa)

However, the lack of temp control swung us to the Sage, even though we are awaiting the Espresso Nazi death squad to bombard us with pissy comments about the inbuilt grinder not being nearly as good as theirs.

Either way, our view is it’s quite the upgrade on our current Nespresso wotnot.


you’ll get the piss taken regardless!

for the oracle models, Sage told me the internal grinder parts were identical to their standalone grinder. Their standalone grindr is well reviewed and well regarded.


Excellent forum behaviour,
Look at something you know nothing about then post seeking opinion after you have bought it and get pissed off when the forum doesn’t validate your choice! :grinning::+1:


I didn’t ask for any opinion, only some tips on useage from anyone who knows the machine


I will take this oppounrity to not call you a cock


I think that is a bannable offence on this particular corner of the web.