Just caught 5 minutes of creationist bollocks on the TV. Grand canyon is only 4000 years old aparently. Americans, and a lot of then, really are pig shit thick


I walked down to the bottom once when I was still a student. That must be almost that long ago, and it looked pretty old even then.

Every country that has citizens who believe the Old Testament is factual are equally thick. The Israelis believe in the Torah, which is the Old Testament more or less. Same the Koran. And all the evangelical christians? They all believe Yahweh, Allah or God “created” the world 6000 years ago so why pick on the Americans? Does it make you feel superior to point your finger at others?

Was going to delete this, bit I think it covers all the bases.

The difference between faith and evangelical creationist pseudo science is as wide as the grand canyon itself.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a Jewish or Islamic equivalent, lots of American evangelical bollocks out there though.

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No, they don’t. Young Earth creationists are very much a small fringe that gets far more attention from outside the majority of UK evangelical churches than from within.

Case in point: KettleJnr2’s birthday card from our church children’s team had dinosaurs on it.


US is always fair game because they make themselves by FAR the biggest target.
Loudly proclaiming their fundamentalist christianity, yet gigantically hypocritcal in the way they operate organised superstition as a business, treating almost everyone who is not part of their sect as their enemy, spreading hate and dissent, funding far-right extremism, homophobia, racism, intolerance and bigotry, interfering with education, suppressing women’s rights, and advocating for war.

Exhibit A: Westboro Baptist Church - makes Al-fucking-Qaeda look warm and cuddly!

Also, because adults with invisible-friends, are stupid. Obviously.



You insinuate that all Americans are like this (not just the 50% who have an IQ of 50 or less, who believe Q-Anon fantasies, Putin-originated Trump-supported lies on twitter etc., and yes, religious nut cases) and that somehow religious (and other) fanatics in the UK are not just as bad. Do you have any idea how incredibly offensive these comments are?

I hope & I’m sure you’re wrong about that! It would a disaster if true.

Are you being wilfully stupid? Enough Americans are like this, most especially enough highly influential Americans, such as state senators. The rest is collateral-damage due to generalisation. I could not possibly care less about that.

You do realise, Chimpanzees are estimated at around 40 IQ and clinical retardation is usually pegged at ~65?

And I’m making offensive generalisations about yanks? :rofl:

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More than the IQ of some posters.

Now behave.

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It really isn’t. There’s no difference at all.

That’s full potato. How can anyone believe in god, but not the bible? Haha madness.

That’s totally standard. Most modern Christians believe that the old testament has been superseded by Jesus. Obviously that’s only the bits that don’t like, plenty of it still rears its ugly head.

Again, not the case but I suspect the whole explanation of context, language and literary structure would generate a whole lot of tl;dr and some more memes from the boring side of reddit.

Let’s just agree to disagree, as someone who hasn’t chosen to have faith in a god I’m not going to waste my time arguing the toss with someone who fundamentally holds the same humanist outlook.

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I have just realised that the 5000 year old bog Oak plinth I’m working on predates the great flood and was concurrent with T Rex in young earth creationism.There’s some potential foo advertising right there.


Yep. :grin::+1: