Cricket, lovely cricket (Part 2)

A good start would be nice!

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Not bad! :ok_hand:

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Great ton! :raised_hands:

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This is a great comeback innings. Wish I could watch it

181-2 off 30 overs. :dizzy_face:

Great response and a wonderful innings from Duckett

That scoring rate tho’


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What’s even madder is that they have changed the way WE think about the team. I don’t know about anyone else but I no longer look at the team sheet and think " I wish we had a better no2, or 4 or whatever. It’s only a short time since I could see gaping holes in the line-up and the team lacked a plan, an identity. Now, I look at the team sheet and cannot wait to watch them!

What an innings from Duckett. They actually couldn’t bowl at him. Bloody marvelous.


The other thing that has changed, for me at least, is the attitude to losing. The draw is never in their thoughts and they go for the win, however unlikely.

If they then fail, it is much less of a disappointment. There have been lots of occasions when the team of the past would have set their stall out for a draw and still lost, this side has a different mentality which is easy to embrace.

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Sorry to see this

Obviously gives England a huge advantage but not in a way they would have wanted.


That’s a shame. :confused:


Mountain to climb now, on roller skates.

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What a bowler this fella was.

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Yes, totally unconventional! A ferocious competitor too. I used to dread him being chucked the ball, when ever Essex and Gloucestershire were on tv. RIP.

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This is carnage! :rofl:

I did think wonder whether India were just too cautious, using up precious time for a ludicrous 550+ target. Could there be a route to a draw?

Reader, the answer is no, there couldn’t.

Win probability 0.5% seems a bit generous

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Fastest test 50 is 21 balls* just sayin’ like

*Misbah-ul-Haq holds the record for the fastest Test half-century, scoring 50 runs from 21 balls against Australia in 2014.

Ah well, just when Woody was worrying them.

That was an 'orrible watch.