Cricket, lovely cricket (Part 2)

Yes, but he’s hardly gonna pass Murali, is he?

If only he wasn’t just a home track bully (thanks Rocky) he might have done…



Met him once
Walked into a pub with Sarah, the girlfriend at the time, there was bloke sitting on his own in the corner. We got our drinks and she said, ‘lets go and say hello to Raman’
I said ‘Do you mean Raman Subba Row the cricketer? ’
‘I think he used to play cricket’ she said, I have seen him at a load of parties at the Old Whits my brother knows him.’

The Old Whits was the Old Whitgiftians.
Subba Row was educated there and Sarah’s brother had had played for their 1st XI.

Any how we spent an hour with him and he was charming company


Just watching a bit on Sky with Athers and Nasser talking about Jimmy Andersons retirement and cannot help thinking that Nasser is the spitting image of Mr Burns from The Simpson.:clown_face:

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Atherton, diligently pronouncing Fahkar as Fak haah.

Pakistan commentator just repeatedly saying Fucker. (Fucker needs to be out… was the best).


Good win in the end from England.
Great to see Archer back in an England shirt