Cricket, lovely cricket (Part 2)

Not frightened to blood new potential.

Love it!

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More than decent start for England and, in particular, Gus Atkinson taking two wickets before he’d even conceded a run.

Nice to see Stokes bowling and looking good.

Just need Jimmy to take a wicket now :pray:

Haha, Gus Atkinson!

. W W . W .

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Jimmy who?

The King is dead, long live the King,

Great to see Stokes running in, hitting 85mph and taking wickets. No grimacing and looking pain free, it’s such a boost to the side to have him back in that role.

Just starting his NINTH consecutive over, how does he do it.


83mph off break from Jimmy :grin:


He seems a promising talent, we should see if he cuts it at county level before maybe sticking him in the England squad.

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Glad my tickets are for Day One next week, a bit too easy this one.

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Yeah, it’s quite disappointing to see how poor WI have been.

I want to see England win, every time, but this isn’t really a contest. Hopefully they’ll up their game for Trent Bridge.

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England have looked sharp and many positives in this game including Stokes looking fit but WI have been poor.

Bye, bye Jimmy, it’s been great. The end of a golden career :smiling_face_with_tear:

Even the greatly overused accolade of legend fails to adequately describe what he achieved. Unmatched genius levels of skill, ultra competitive to the last and unparalleled longevity, we’ll never see the like of him again.

Rocky will be sat at home, dribbling into his glass of Sanatogen, mumbling about how Jimmy got 600 of his wickets in overcast conditions on bowler friendly pitches :grinning:

Kudos to England management for appointing him as bowling mentor to the squad. Great move from the most forward thinking team in my memory.


It will be Sir James Anderson before too long!


On the one hand, I’m kinda sad about JA, not seeing him play will be strange. He’s been a huge part of English Cricket for a third of my life! On the other though, I think it’s definitely time for the team to move on. I wish the English football team could be so decisive…

What a bowler though. Incredible. His level of control is just extraordinary. An absolute master craftsman. Yes, he has dipped slightly of late, but until very recently, he was still improving. To do what he has done, over that time-span takes amazing dedication. You can’t bowl like that without being super fit. 40,000 balls! And how many in the nets? Fuck.

Absolute fucking hero. I’ve loved watching him rip though top batting line ups, I’ve also loved him squeezing the opposition until they crack, sometimes at the opposite end. The most attacking bowler and a complete miser simultaneously. Was great watching him sink a beer on the balcony today. Like, finally I can relax!

Go well, Jim.


I think they said the wide he bowled today was his 65th!

65 wides out of 40k deliveries :astonished:


The wides were probably mostly big hooping out swingers!

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Nearly 11 wickets for every wide bowled is adequate :wink:

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That is in test cricket
Nearly 10,000 in ODI

God knows how many in County matches


A further 59k


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They should have kept him bowling Underwood style leg-cutters off 8 paces for another 4 years :joy: