Cricket, lovely cricket

They have bowled extremely well


Stokes could come in, start swinging hit 4 boundaries and get out.
England need to be careful there is still something in this pitch

Someone needs to be a hero

Will it be stokes?

He has been very responsible so far.

Is that the distant sound of choking I hear from Lords?


NZ now favourites…just

We have been careful. 34 runs off the last 11 overs. We’ve carefulled ourselves into trouble.


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That’s the beauty of the game though isn’t it? Runs on the board always create pressure against tight bowling and great fielding.

Pressure needs to be relieved. We always knew they were good with the ball and good in the field, so providing the relief by getting 60-70 in the first 10 overs was always going to be risky. Not having a go does eliminate that risk, but only in the sense that the risk of defeat becomes a certainty.


What a catch

Great catch

Top catch

Fantastic catch

Buttler owes us a few runs

He does.

Don’t think I can watch anymore

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Immediately Buttler has pushed a couple of balls round for 1-2. I do wish we had done that more in the last ten overs.


Tennis looks good

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This is almost painful to watch…

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Exactly this. Very disappointed at the lack of noodling and nurdling from England. Especially from Root.

Grandhomme is not bowling magic deliveries ffs.