Cricket, lovely cricket


Tennis is on the laptop, cricket on the telly

Stokes nearly decapitated Dharmasena there

Mainly through my fingers

You spotted Mike Gatting then?

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Alternating between the telly, AA and this pic when I’m feeling stressed.


Tennis on telly (Jan owns / controls the handset), tennis on the wireless and F1 on record for tonight.

He looks more like Corned Beef.

If you can just take a deep breath for a minute, this is a brilliant game. Absolutely on a knife edge.

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Indeed, but I feel sick watching it


If England bat for 50 overs they should still win

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It is a proper game of chess match

However, with the luck England have had in there innings,they will be kicking themselves if they lose

I’d cite Santner for that action. Bullshit.

The good thing about this being the final is that the ICC pitch curators can be told to sod off again.

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If this goes to the last over I might be sick


We need some 20/20 cricket now.
150 runs to finish.

Another half hour of these guys in and we win?

As hard as it is to watch,it is a great match

Some superb bowling from NZ

This looks close