Cricket, lovely cricket


Also excellent with fists.


I have heard of Starc, Hazelwood and Cummins, if they remain fit I think they will be more than a match for England’s batting order


FTFY :wink:


All of these lads are at least as fast as Mitchell Johnson, but have very different actions. Johnson’s delivery seemed to tail in and skid off the pitch, whereas Starc, Hazelwood and Cummins tend to hit the pitch hard looking for deviation off the seam rather than swing. They are feckin’ frightening when they get going though…




We should hope for weather that is not sunny.


Nice bit of toss winning. Doing alright so far.


Is the series not televised?


It’s on BT, Paul.

I was watching it in bed on the iPad last night. My sleep schedule’s going to be fucked.


Thanks Mark. I’ll end up doing the same, although I will certainly fall asleep watching it!


From what I saw it’s going to be a great series. Australia gambling hard with just 3 mainline seamers and one spinner. If one of them breaks down in a test, they’ll be up shit creek.


The very place for them :+1:


Old Skool test cricket with the run-rate at 2.5/o.

Boycott will have been creaming himself.

I did chuckle though when Moeen came in and hit Lyon over mid-wicket for 6 against the spin in his second over.


Real shame Vince had a rush of blood, looked certain to get a century. Stoneman, Vince and Malan all looked solid which is great news.

Shaping up to be a good series.


Cricket is looking very tasty. Australia 2 runs ahead with a wicket in hand approaching the end of day 3. Everything set up for a result if either team wants to bat/bowl aggressively. Playing conservatively for the draw is typically a mistake at the Gabba, but this pitch is unusually benign. Anderson looks very iffy though…


A great innings from Steve Smith. Game is very evenly poised.


It has all gone a bit pear shaped at the end of the day. Cook and Vince gone cheaply. The pitch looks to have a bit of life left in it. Not losing another wicket would be a minor victory for England.


Shaky start for sure.


After that ball from Starc that struck Root, it’s worth remembering that it was 3 years ago today that Phil Hughes lost his life to a ball not dissimilar :pensive:


England have a lead! :stuck_out_tongue: