Cricket, lovely cricket


Well played by Stoneman for surviving the barrage from Cummins. Tomorrow should be very interesting.


Steve Smith is a remarkable player. His technique must be the ugliest and most unorthodox ever for a batsman averaging over 50 in test cricket. Not that such things can be measured! Its bizarre how he manages to point the bat at gully on the backlift, walk towards point across the stumps but stil have a crazy amount of time to play a shot. I have a horrible feeling he is going to be England’s nemesis this tour. They couldn’t bowl at him today.


There was a discussion on the radio today about how Smith’s unusual technique takes away the LBW and bowled options for a bowler so the only way to get him out is caught or retired hurt. Not sure I understood the ins-and-outs of the explanation though as it is many, many years since I last played cricket.


I think you need to stop trying to bowl balls to get Smith out. Bowl outside off stump and he doesn’t score much (hardly anything) but bowl straight and he hits you leg side. Tie him up and he’ll eventually get himself out.

Just my thoughts


I think this is right. The line (and length) outside off stump needs to be very tight though, too much width and he can drive as he is already moving that way. England have to dry up the runs and create pressure to have a hope of containing him. I think a while ago he lacked patience but he seems to have overcome that, he is some player these days with a great temperament.

He seems to play fast bowling more by eye and with his hands, rather like top class players play spin. It’s the amount of time he seems to have when playing a shot that I find compelling.



I just wish Mason Crane could get a bowl at him. I don’t know his record against leg spin, but his technique would suggest to me that he might be vulnerable.


I really like the look of Crane, would be great to see him get a game. Someone might have to get injured first though…


Sadly, I think it would take more than one injury. If Moeen gets injured I still don’t see him getting a game, we would just play another batsman. Our selectors seem to have a hard time trusting leggys

Hopefully Jimmy’s injury isn’t serious!


I really, no REALLY want to smack Boycott repeatedly about the head with a cricket bat :rage:


Fuck. Losing Root before lunch is the match, I feel.


There needs to be an epic performance from Moeen and Bairstow to save it.




Fxt again :smirk:


Aussies in the box seat. 170 on this pitch in a day and a bit ? Should be doable so long as it’s enough runs to feel like a challenge and not seen as too easy by a bunch of batsmen who have been blooded on the short form game.


Yeah, this is looking very bad indeed. Considering people were commenting in advance on the potential weakness in the Aus bowling lineup.

Currently 78 without loss chasing 170. It would take a seriously epic batting collapse for Aus to not win this from here.

Guessing the Gabba is going to be pretty empty tomorrow morning.


Today’s attendance was pretty poor. 17,000 I think. Which for Headingly is huge but it looks desperate in a big ground.


Heard later that they are opening it up, upon donation of a ‘gold coin’, for Movember.


Unless England find a way of hitting Lyon out of the attack the quicks will always remain fresh enough. There isn’t a weakness with these bowlers, the weakness is that there is maybe not players of the same class behind them if one of them gets injured. Lyon looking too good at present.


Thing is they’ve already shown when they come down the pitch to him he is nullified quite easily. They just haven’t done it enough. He isn’t Shane Warne, ffs!


Shhhhhhhhhh you :unamused: