Cricket, lovely cricket


And, that’s the issue in a nutshell. Lyon is an average off spinner and should be getting hit for 4 or 5 an over with little risk on an average wicket.


Lyon looks quite a bit better than Moeen so far. I think he spins it harder, certainly seems to get more loop on the ball. Moeen is just bowling flat crap.


Is that a bit harsh? He has taken 270-odd wickets in about 70 tests. OK, he is nowhere near the best Australian spinners, but you don’t pay 70+ tests for Australia if you are average.


I was talking ‘average’ in international test cricket terms. He certainly wouldn’t get into the Indian team and I doubt he would get into our team.


Ah, well… :expressionless:


I was feeling fairly positive a couple of days ago. If they don’t get a win at Adelaide it might get a bit embarrassing.


Yeah, a ten wicket win is pretty emphatic.




Wouldn’t have been too bothered by a close-ish loss. Just batting out the day would have been nice. Give our bowlers a bit more to go at.

But I am a bit worried, about our batting lineup going in to the later tests. And our bowlers.

Maybe have a look at bowling tactics and a strong word with the batsmen. If that fails just get drunk in bars and fight people.


Aussies have had the best of today’s play. A lot of hard work for England needed now.

Delighted for Overton though.


I don’t understand why Root inserted the Aussies. :thinking:


Previous results. Sides losing after battling first.

Rather than seeing a clear advantage.


Ah, I see… There certainly doesn’t seem to be any demons in the pitch.


Marsh has to get through the resumption of play tomorrow. He is notorious for getting out in the first couple of overs of a session.


I kind of hope that rain has stopped play for the next 3 days. :roll_eyes:
What a turd of a decision it was to put the Aussies in on that pitch. I wonder if he even asked the bowlers what they thought, they certainly didn’t approach it with much confidence or relish. Fucking crapola pop gun attack in those conditions anyway with a spinner that doesn’t spin it. We are shit without Stokes.

Well played Marsh though, he was really good. :+1:



Actually what the buggeryfuck?

I feel sad.


This is fucking embarrassing


The toss was cricketing suicide and now Oz have sniffed the utter homosexuality of that decision, we must reap the whirlwind. Game could be over today if we follow on under lights. :+1:


It’s most worrying that none of our batsmen made 40, whereas quite a few of the Aussies did. One big score can make a difference, sure, but here it was a lot more than just that.


I haven’t watched any of today’s play but if the last session yesterday is anything to go by, Australia are doing quite a lot more with the ball.