Cricket, lovely cricket

Top catch

Fantastic catch

Buttler owes us a few runs

He does.

Don’t think I can watch anymore

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Immediately Buttler has pushed a couple of balls round for 1-2. I do wish we had done that more in the last ten overs.


Tennis looks good

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This is almost painful to watch…

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Exactly this. Very disappointed at the lack of noodling and nurdling from England. Especially from Root.

Grandhomme is not bowling magic deliveries ffs.

147 needed from 146 balls. We’ve spaffed this one.

So much Gammon in the crowd.

How is everyone else watching?

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Lol, it’s your avatar.



Tennis is on the laptop, cricket on the telly

Stokes nearly decapitated Dharmasena there

Mainly through my fingers

You spotted Mike Gatting then?

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Alternating between the telly, AA and this pic when I’m feeling stressed.


Tennis on telly (Jan owns / controls the handset), tennis on the wireless and F1 on record for tonight.