Cricket, lovely cricket


Pretty decent effort by the lower order batsmen. Overton looks decent. Still, even if there is an implosion of the entire Australian team, you really don’t fancy England to chase down 200+ runs batting last, let alone 350+.


It would seem that this batting under lights is not as easy as one would think. England and Wales have slim hopes of a draw perhaps.


Rather like this from the Guardian live score thread thingy earlier. Someone asked if England had a glimmer of hope:

“I was here through the pain earlier,” says Ian Copestake. “Anyone expressing hope needs to stand in the corner and think about the decisions that have brought them to a point where hope is so important to them that reality is of no consequence. Go Brexit yourself.”


It is all going to be good. I can feel it in my water.


The second captaincy blunder of the test has Oz under more pressure than they should be. Bowling first was a big error of judgement, but not enforcing the follow-on was too. Oz are still massive favourites, but our bowlers can put on enough pressure tomorrow to make it uncomfortable for them. IF, and it’s a big if, we can restrict them to say a 330 lead, we might have an extremely slim chance.

On the plus side, England’s bowlers were magnificent this morning, but of course conditions will be easier on the morning of day 4 for their batters.


They are probably going to lose. But they seem to have made a better go of it. Just getting 250-300 runs would not be so bad.


It’s the hope that kills you.


Bugger. Cooke has gone.

Be nice to make it to tea tomorrow. Anything past breakfast would be alright really.


He is out of sorts isn’t he?


He is out of summat. Just need to channel Tavare and Boycott for a bit now. Make it respectable at least.


Ah, fuckit. Going to work.


I like Tufnell’s optimism! We can win!


Starc’s got cunted round the ground this over. Love it.


Enjoying this.


Still got Aus as favourites for this.


Indeed, but we’re making them squirm!


Oh fuck. Malan gone. Important we don’t lose another tonight.


Great stuff this morning. If Root can bat through England have a great chance, but if he goes early tomorrow morning then it’ll be curtains more than likely. Those last few overs from Cummins were pretty special.


England have actually worked the game into a position where they have their best, most fluent batsmen, either in or to come. I agree with you Olan, if they can bat around Root there is a chance, he is the key.


Beginning to hope Ritchie?