Cricket, lovely cricket


Oh dear.:pensive:


Yup. Declare on 650 and bowl them out for 200.


Smith is an amazing cricketer, he looked out of his depth in the early days. One day he seemed to wake up and decide from now on I won’t give my wicket away ever again.
Stokes, Root, Bairstow and Ali all have more talent but 8 out of 10 innings they get themselves out with a poor choice of shot.


Someone asked Mitchel johnson how do you get Smith out? His reply was ‘I haven’t a clue. I’ve tried everything in the nets and I can’t get anywhere near him’.

Says it all, really


Oh dear.:pensive:


Not far off.


That ball from Starc to Vince was adequate. One more quick wicket and it should be over today if the first innings is anything to go by.


Quite rubbish really. I feel sad.

But nobody seem to win away recently.


In the circumstances what a cuntish thing to do to Jimmy Anderson.:rage:


Crap for the fans really - the BBC correspondent commented on this saying that the cricket authorities need to do something about pitch prep giving such a massive home adavantage.


Don’t think we can blame the pitches.

I still don’t think Australia are that strong, losing Stokes was huge. If you swapped Smith for Root it would be close. Root had a great chance to win the second test when he resumed on 67, Smith would have taken that chance.


Sure, you can’t blame the pitches but would I consider paying £££ and giving up time to watch test matches when 7 out of the last 8 have been won by Oz? Nope. But I might go if I felt there was the chance of a close contest.

Home advantage is statistically skewed significantly nowadays and maybe worth looking at, for the fans mainly.


Hmmm, MCG pitch looks like a road. Warner looks in the mood. This could be vey ugly very quickly. Have to say the drop in pitches at the MCG have been very placid for quite a while now. Very, very batsman friendly, which is bad news if you have a patched up attack.


Can’t get my head around this. 15 overs in the test and we give the new ball to our spinner who’s figures in this series look like twiggy with anorexia.

Play Curran, use Curran. Otherwise why bother? Personally I would have played Woods, but that’s not the point. I’m starting to think that this debacle is heavily orchestrated by Strauss and his school tie cronies.

I’s dissapoint


Not a terrible day for England. The Australian scoring was surprisingly slow even given the line the bowlers used. Need to get Smith early tomorrow though. He looks to be in great form again.


Nailed on Aussie win now.


Smith and one of The Marshes gone already. Might be interesting now.


Great day for England - they usually have one per test though!!


Isn’t it all a bit meaningless in what is now a dead rubber?