Cricket, lovely cricket


England should find it difficult to lose this one.

Probably. I hope.


It’s a batters wicket, so a draw.


Gooch, imo has been the best in my memory. He was as capable of dominating an attack as stonewalling one. Utterly fearless and brilliant at the transition between defence and attack and vice versa. Also a superb team man and the highest run scorer of all time with over 67,000 runs across first class and limited overs games. His highest test score of 333 against India at Lords was followed by a further century in the second innings.

And in a week where an England opener has carried his bat, does anyone remember this?:

He was a colossus and if it hadn’t been for his ban for captaining a rebel tour to SA his test record would have been better still.


Good call I had forgotten about him.


Ok, a draw is most likely, but get Smith ‘n’ Warner (no it’s not a gun) out in the first half an hour and it just might be game on

Don’t forget, it starts at 11pm tonight, because of the rain yesterday


Where the fuck is the crowd?

Fucking part time Ozzies


Have you seen the pitch? They will all go to the beach and maybe, just maybe turn up if the Poms collapse later on in the day. Can’t see Australia doing much other than to treat this as an extended net/opportunity for English bowlers to injure themselves prior to Sydney.


Beginning to regret the “One TV” policy in the house. Would be nice to have the cricket on silent while I listed to records and get pished.


10 overs, 12 runs no wickets and Warner and Smith are batting! This is only going one way…


As I said, a draw is probable. I would just like to see them under a bit of pressure if we can remove those two


Warner just bowled by Root…


One of my former colleagues has just emailed. He wandered over to the MCG for the last session hoping to see Smith get a century. The MCG are still charging for entry to the last session of what is one of the dullest draws in history. Suffice to say said colleague is now in The Napier in Fitzroy having a beer and watching it on the TV.

Oh well…


I haven’t been keeping close tabs on the scorecards, but was quite impressed to learn that Smith can average over 100 for the Average series even if he gets a pair in Sydney.



He’s been incredible but needs to perform well in England before he can join the greats.




Same old , same old.:roll_eyes:


Well that all went a bit wrong. Why did they not send in a Night Watchman? It’ll be carnage early on day two.


Woakes is normally night watchman and he isn’t playing. Looking at the batting order there isn’t really anyone else who qualifies


Root is in danger of becoming the Rooney of cricket. Great stats but doesn’t deliver winning performances in the important games.


He is quite handsome though.