Cricket, lovely cricket


Did well. They were 28 for 9. Bit silly.


Great recovery from 27 for nine to 58 all out


Smith and Bancroft have owned up to ball tampering. It seems the entire ‘leadership group’ was in on it, so the coach is in trouble too


Fuckers ! Book throwing needed.


Doesn’t look good… :neutral_face:


'zactly. It was premeditated too, in that they discussed what they would do and then came up with the plan. I suspect Boof might get the boot as he should know better as coach, Smith will be hauled over the coals, but Bancroft will most likely cop a big fine and a suspension and be dropped for a series and carry the can in the end.

Absolutely disgraceful stuff though after all the petty goings on with the SA players and crowd.


It may well end up with Bancroft and Smith missing the 4th (final) test, which would be a huge blow with them currently at 1-1 but SA very much in control of the third test.


So THAT’s why we lost the Ashes :angry::angry::angry::angry:


Yep, those crafty Kiwis must have had an angle grinder in mid-on’s pocket to explain Day One of the current test though…or England are a bit crap.


Harsh but fair, as they say.


Smith and Warner have been stood down as Captain and Vice-Captain for the remainder of the test. The CEO of Cricket Australia has promised ‘further ramifications to follow’. Looks like the end for Boof as coach and Smith as Captain as the very least.


What staggers me about it all is that they were naive enough to think they could get away with it. There are 30+ TV cameras covering the game.


I have to say, it’s all rather excellent isn’t it? :joy: I’m experiencing glee here!


Poor old Warner, the nasty South Africans have been saying horrible things to him and it’s not fair …


Smith has previous, of course. When they toured India he was caught looking up at the players balcony to get guidance when he was considering reviewing an LBW decision.


Warner is nasty piece of work, usually to be found whenever there is aggro. I’m more surprised about Smith really. They have both destroyed their reputations and likely their careers.




Amazing that he’s going to carry on playing. I can’t see that decision working out.


With Smith and Bancroft it’s a case of what goes around comes around after their staged press conference in the Ashes. Warner is just a bit of an idiot really.

I feel a bit sorry for Bancroft, he was clearly carrying out instructions. Gut feel is Warner will be at the bottom of it all but Smith should have over ruled any such suggestions.


Cricket Australia have amended the statement made by Smith and Bancroft from ‘Leadership Group’ to ‘Senior Players’. It looks like the other members of the ‘leadership group’ are claiming to have known nothing. This quote is interesting

Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon – have privately denied any involvement in the plot and there has been dissatisfaction that they were effectively thrown under the bus and unfairly tainted.

It is take from this:

Looks like the writing is on the wall for Smith and Warner now. The coach’s position is untenable as either he was complicit (and it looks like he was) or he can’t control his team. Either way, he is as good as finished.