Cricket, lovely cricket


Boof is a straight talker who has never shied away from the sleazier side of the game. He has managed to avoid sanctions in the past but I can’t see him surviving this. Twat !!


I’m hoping this will be a low point for test match cricket and we will see the antics from Warner, Lyon, Stokes, Anderson etc etc disappear from the game. The sledging has gone too far in recent times and the players have become hard to like.

We want to see competitive cricket but test match cricket is struggling at the moment.


This. You knew that the current SA/Aus series was going to be tense when the players demanded that the microphones on the stump camera be turned off when the ball was dead and between overs. There has been huge disquiet with the amount of sledging the Australians do among the Strayan fans. The same behaviour is not condoned in junior and park cricket and is heavily frowned upon in grade cricket. It seems to be prevalent at Sheffield Shield level and in the various national squads. Hopefully, it will be stamped upon.


Smith banned for the next test and 100% match fee fine.

Bancroft gets 3 demerit points.



So the 45th incumbent of a prominent national leadership role has been caught cheating, lying and colluding with others. Whodathunkit?


While many former cricketers criticised ICC’s one-match ban on Smith as being too mild, sources told TOI that Cricket Australia, facing a massive outrage at home, is likely to announce “exemplary punishment” — which could even be a life ban — for the “leadership group” in the team.

Source TOI (Times of India)




Spotted his on the Beeb website

The final section about Faf du Plessis - Australia v South Africa, Hobart 2016 includes and interesting quote from David Warner…

…’ but vice-captain David Warner told reporters afterwards: "We hold our heads high and I’d be very disappointed if one of our team members did that.

"The rules are in place for a reason. If you’re not going to use them why bother having them?

“If you’re going to overstep the mark, be prepared to get fined and miss Test matches.”



Reports now coming out about ball tampering in the Ashes. Warner with his huge plasters only worn for fielding and Bancroft filmed putting sugar in his pockets.


Given how shit England are maybe we should start cheating.


If we did we’d be shit at that too


Is this in the English press? :roll_eyes:


It’s been on Sky Sports this afternoon.



Out of interest, why is polishing up the ball on one side ok but not scuffing up the other? I think all bowlers should be allowed to have an abrasive strip stitched into the whites. Liven things up no end.


Well, it’s just not Cricket


Interesting interview with Jim Maxwell on 5 Live earlier. He wrote to James Sutherland a couple of weeks ago saying how concerned he was about the behavior of the test team.


Jim Maxwell is as fair as they come, I have a lot of time for him. To hear him commentating on the test, almost in tears, was distressing to say the least.

The entire ‘leadership team’ or at least those who knew about the cheat, should be dismissed from the team for at least a year.

It seems the feeling in Oz is so hostile towards the cheats that CA will make a significant example of all those implicated.