Cricket, lovely cricket


It is much misunderstood just how much Aussie fans hate cheats. When their own do it, they are inconsolable.


You know it is serious when Ross Gittins writes a sermon about it:

Fairly pompous although valid points in a rambling attack on everything unStrayan in Straya today,


I find this one interesting. Much of the ball tampering in the past has been fairly opportune - stick in a fingernail, say. But with this, they had a specific thing they took on to damage the ball. There’s a lot of premeditation there, and that looks much worse.

I see this ending very badly for the captain, who previously was on line to become a cricket god. Oops.


You can add taking bottle tops onto the field as well as sand in pockets.


Anyone know what the crim’s are actually doing with this tape?


The theory is that they’re sticking sand or sugar or some other abrasive to it and roughing up one side of the ball to help it swing.




Shackle Draggers.


Not so.


Warner’s method of wearing big roughed up sticky plasters when he is fielding seems a lot easier



Ok…crim’s what then?


An apostrophe can indicate missing letters, as well as possession


Yes, but not followed by an s, which would make it indicate possession.


You mean like “that’s” (that is)? :smiley:


No, I mean like cunt’s :angry:


clicked the wrong button :man_facepalming:


It’s not difficult:

1 cat.
2 cats. NO APOSTROPHE :rage:
1 cat has a tail. The cat’s tail.
2 cats have 2 tails between them. The cats’ tails.
That is -> that’s
It is -> it’s
A neutered cat has a tail. Its tail. Possessive its has no apostrophe to avoid confusion with it’s = it is.


We heard you the first time :smile:


WTF - the apostrophe is a dying concept itll be gone in decades.