Cricket, lovely cricket


it’ll :wink:


Can we move this discussion, its just not cricket.






What’s a grasshopper got to do with it, grasshopper?





Has James Sutherland spoken yet ?


Speaking now, no sanctions to be announced until tomorrow


Just started


Sanctions to be ‘significant’


Book not sacked. Surely he’ll quit anyway


Yep and reduced on appeal no doubt :roll_eyes:


Boof dodges a bullet…for now.


So, only three people knew? What absolute bollocks! I have played plenty of club cricket and the state of the ball is a closely monitored thing at whatever standard. The bowlers who are handling the thing constantly would be able to see microscopic changes to it immediately. Are they seriously suggesting that the bowlers wouldn’t see that Bancroft was sticking dust to it and ask questions?

The ball starts reversing in the right conditions from about 40 overs. When it starts hooping around 10 overs or more before that in every game of a series and they start gripping the ball the opposite way around early, are they not wondering why and discussing it? I’m pretty sure the whole team would know, or at least the 'keeper and the bowlers, as well as the three stooges. Only three knew… Utter crap!


Pre-agreed damage limitation excercise







I’m surprised that it isn’t longer. Be interesting to listen to the reception they get here next year for the Ashes, assuming they get selected.