Cricket, lovely cricket


Lol, a lesson in how to compound the problem.


What happens to the old balls when the match is finished? Are they kept or just thrown away?


They will not do that though, will they. England have no opportunity to ask for an investigation either, the deadline for any such complaint has passed


Er, the ball didn’t swing! We couldn’t cope with their bowling because of their pace. Anytime it swung, England were in the game.


They did get it to swing much earlier that expected iirc.
Suspected to be due to whatever was on Warners sticking plasters.
Warner should hide under a rock for a long time. He will probably get the most flack in the long run for it. Quite deservedly imo.


You may be right, After the first couple of matches I couldn’t watch. :tired_face:


It didn’t change the fact that England & Wales were embarrassingly bad. They would have lost to the AA 2nd eleven.


I will probably fund a suitable meme for Stokes when he gets banned.


They should all have their balls sandpapered - it would be a fitting punishment. :smirk:


Don’t know TBH, kept as souvenirs by the players etc. Balls would look odd, Warner’s scuff marks on one side and virtually untouched by a bat :smiley:


You cheated. You got caught. Your tears mean nothing.


Lehmann resigned, just now


Didn’t expect that…


I think there has been a decision to change the way the team behave. They have been quite cunty of late.


More tears, FFS

They’re meaningless. Just self pity, nothing else.


Kim Hughes opened the floodgates years ago :roll_eyes:


Yep, I remember that :grin:


Meh to crying Strayans. Bit feckin’ late you sandpaper bothering fucknugget!

Lehmann is a turd too. Lucky not to suffer more than damage to his reputation.


This is going to run on and on.

Sutherland will be next to go


Being able to say the word ‘cheat’ should be the minimum requirement for holding the position of CEO of a sporting organisation. This is not what will cost Sutherland his job, rather he will be sacked for fucking up the TV rights after caving in to the players. See here for instance: