Cricket, lovely cricket


I think there’s something about cricket that means one expects a higher standard than one would from football players for example. I guess that Victorian sense of decency etc. that still permeates first class cricket. Unusually, I think we are in the position where CA have done the right thing and the ECB have not (CA have always had slightly more of a win at all costs mentality).


Cheating is part and parcel of football, it is even coached.
“There was contact in the box he was entitled to go down”

Cricket has a history of honesty (which is being eroded with the advent of video technology) in that the Umpire couldn’t always be sure if there was a nick, or a fair catch so relied on the batsman to walk or the fielder to be honest.
This still exists everywhere except the top level of the game where umpires have access to video technology so the players don’t voluntarily give themselves out.

the only sports where the players self police at the top level these days are probably Golf and Snooker.


Colin Cowdrey used to walk. The Aussies couldn’t understand him.




Stuart Broad bowling magnificently. 5 for 40 atm.

Had a poor Ashes series, but when he gets in the groove he is as good as anyone out there.


Yeah, but what’s he got in his pocket :thinking:


Murray mints. Usually.


A handkerchief, as any gentleman would have.

Only cunts would have sandpaper in there. Besides, it would fuck with your nose something terrible if you had the sniffles.



This is the first time in over 100 years - 1912 was the last time - that the four opening bowlers have taken the first 20 wickets in a Test, and just the third time in history




Fucking hell, I cannot imagine anything worse than this😨

RIP cricket.






Oh ffs,that’s terrible


What is it - I don’t have twatter


Radio commentary has gone to Talk Sport



The end of the world is most definitely coming.


My summer days in the garden will not be the same. Might have to sell the hammock


'Tis truly the End of Days :pensive:


For one winter tour.