Cricket, lovely cricket


Yes. But Talk Sport? :scream:


Yep. But it is only for one tour. A temporary descent into the 6th circle, as it were.


Disaster, never listen to talk sport who is on it ?

Losing Blowers was bad enough


Honestly if you’ve never been on, my advice is to keep it that way.


Sort of LBC for sport can be ok but can be awful


Talksport is great.:+1:


Feckin’ trolls everywhere these days. I thought we had confined that sort of thing to the Hot Cross Bun and Taunt-a-Dealer threads.


Alan Brazil, The Moose, Hawksbee & Jacobs, Adrian Durham, The Two Mikes, Max Rushden & Barry Glendenning (featuring the brilliant Culverhouse game).
Do I need to say more.:kissing_heart:

Just wish they would get shot of Tony Csacarino.:see_no_evil:


No. You could have said less: ‘Shite’ would have been adequate as a descriptor for that list of cockends.


I’ve not heard of a single one of those


The BBC has Alan Green - end of debate.:rofl::rofl:


Keep trying, the BBC does sport in general to a much higher standard than Talk Sport and much else. Starting that list with Alan Brazil didn’t really help you. Your trolling is substandard today.


Talksport has Joey Barton too - suck on that.:fu:


I’ll stub a cigar out in my eye in honour of Philosopher Joe.


I haven’t even mentioned Ray Parlour yet.:sob:


It’s the most Brexit radio station imaginable. Barry Glendinning is a good writer but every other cunt is a 1000% gammon.


Ray Parlour FFS…


When he’s not acting the fool The Moose is actually a very good reporter imo.


Micky Quinn drives me nuts


I will just leave this here…